Our Mission

stay pure while reaching your summit

pure summit mission

Pure Summit’s mission will be to educate and mentor athletes with a holistic approach. Our coaching staff is strongly rooted in providing positive feedback to empower our athletes to bring their individual strengths to the team, to develop a growth mindset for life, and become resilient through sport.  

Through the game of lacrosse, our focus is to foster an environment that allows our players to take their talents to the highest level of performance; embrace the discipline needed to reach high standards; and learn to work with others as a team in pursuit of a common goal. We are committed to providing specific feedback to all players and skill levels to enable each player to grow into the best version of herself.  

Pure Summit is committed to the physical and emotional well-being of athletes and to the social development of the whole person. We recognize that great demands are placed on athletes who participate in club athletics, and we are committed to providing support to help them manage these demands and get the most out of their lacrosse experience. As a club, we try to hold our athletes, coaches and parents accountable to be people of high character; show respect for others; and strive to conduct ourselves in ways that favorably reflect the Pure Summit organization.